Hi all,

I work in retail banking at the moment, and am looking down the track at career prospects. I am considering starting a Master of Applied Finance through Kaplan in the new year. Ideally I would like to get to a combination of:

1. a position where I can make a large portion of my income from my own investments, not just shares but property, fixed interest etc as well.

2. move my career towards a role more slanted towards direct investment, rather than going down the traditional financial planning route of managed funds/limited APL's etc.

Finally, my question is does anyone have experience with the Kaplan MAppFin? Do you think it would be valuable in the corporate world and for personal education use? I am leaning towards the Wealth Management major doing units of equity analysis, applied valuation, technical analysis etc. Any thoughts on this?

Just after some general info and advice i guess. mods, sorry if this is better off in the beginners forum, I wasn't sure!