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    The wife and I were at the movies on the weekend due to the miserable brissy weather.

    I always choose out seats online to ensure we get tickets and good seats, and skip the queue. Finally got to the movie and sat in our seats, next to a kid who looked about 17 with his mate.

    For the first 15-20 minutes the kid proceeded to pull out bag after bag of chips and lollies and chocolates, munching in my ear and rustling packets. It drives me nuts to go to watch a movie in peace and cop that, so we moved(not always an option) to find ourselves sat in front of a couple that decided to whisper/talk the whole way through the movie.

    Similar thing on the previous occasion, my wife enjoys the paranormal activity movies. It was packed with 15 eyar old kids screaming and cracking jokes and just being over the top the whole time.

    Do people not understand movie etiquette? And do they not realise just how annoying certain things are in movies. or am I just overly irritable and intolerant?

    I just want to be able to go in the movies, sit there in silence, and enjoy it noise and hassle free. Just a bit of a vent

    Anyeone else have bad/annoying experiences?

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    be thankful we dont have African Americans in australia

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    A cinema in the uk has introduced "cinema ninjas" to deal with this sort of thing.


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