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    Default Deepinsight software

    Is anyone using the deepinsight trading software on AUS stocks?
    A free demo is available at:
    I would like an opinion.

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    Default Re: deepinsight software

    Hi tom41

    Just had a quick look at the website you posted.

    I haven't downloaded the demo version, but to me it looks like just another 'black box' trading system software.

    I have no idea if the software is any good but I've always tended to steer well clear of black box software - especially when they essentially do what one can do for themselves using a decent charting software package.

    I look at it this way with black box trading software - if I managed to find a trading system that generated consistent large profits I sure as hell wouldn't be advertising it or selling it. I'd be keeping it for myself to make a killing on the stock market because the more people that are using the same system then potentially the less effective/profitable it is.

    If you are fairly new to charting and technical analysis, maybe consider putting the cost of the black box software towards buying some books or attending some courses on charting and then use what you learn to develop your own trading system rather than use what some black box wants you to use.

    As I said, I haven't looked at the black box demo version but maybe keep the above in mind as you evaluate the software.

    Good luck


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    Default Re: Deepinsight software

    Many new traders get anxious to start trading ASAP
    I have great safe way for you to do just that start trading:

    Buy or borrow book Adaptive Analysis by Nick Radge
    Flick on ReefCap Internet page, contact Nick by personal message and ask him what does he suggest to get you off the ground quickly and safely.

    If you have some trading and charting experience, subscribe to his Chartist service and you’ll be able to share the experience of “Low Risk Trading” concept, and also learn the ropes so one day you’ll be able to go on your own.

    Many hang around Nick and he is genuine man, willing to help anybody who is prepared to listen to what he has to say.

    (I have no financial benefit in saying this)
    Good luck

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