Markets are a bit slow today so I thought of doing something different..

This Petraeus story is really big in America right now and even overshadows the Fiscal Cliff.
It's worthy of a James Bond thriller.....only this time, Mr Bond is the victim of his own doing - womanising.

For those who are unaware of the story, Petraeus or General David Petraeus is a brilliant 4-star general who once led the coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq before being appointed as the US spy chief - as the Director of the CIA.
His impressive credentials was mudded when he recently resigned because of sex scandal involving two women - one of whom is his biographer who was embedded with the soldiers in the war zone to interview him. His biography was published and was aptly titled "ALL IN".

Sure enough, the media went on overdrive about this fascinating story. It's also a fodder for TV comedic talkshows.
My favourite is Jay Leno's, here's the script:

JAY LENO: Hope everybody went out today and hugged a veteran - unless your name is Paula Broadwell. Then you shouldn't be hugging a veteran. [Light laughter]

Well, it's now being reported that the woman General Petraeus was having the affair with was his biographer, Paula Broadwell. [Light laughter]

That's a great name, isn't it? Doesn't that sound like a spy from one of the James Bond movies? “Mr. Petraeus, this is Paula Broadwell and her German friend, Heidi Assengrabben." [Laughter]

Sounds like Paula Broadwell. [Cheers and applause]

Well, that is the big story, the head of the CIA, and former general David Petraeus has resigned because of an extramarital affair. [Audience oohs] Well, you know how he found out that his wife knew? When he got home and saw all his classified documents in the driveway on fire. [Laughter] “Honey, honey, but let me explain."

Yeah this is quite a story. This journalist, this Broadwell woman, met Petraeus in Afghanistan in 2006 when she was embedded with his unit and then later - [Laughter] Don't get ahead of me on these! - [Laughter] – Later, of course, she was embedded with his unit. That’s another deal. [Light laughter]

I've got to understand, I never understood that whole surge thing until now. That's what they were talking about. [Audience oohs] That's the surge.

You know, it's amazing that Petraeus got caught because you'd think as head of the CIA, it would be easy to cheat, right? I mean, you come home late, the wife goes, "Where have you been?" "I'm sorry, honey, that's classified. I would have to kill you if I told you, I'm sorry."

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