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    Post VUL - Valhalla Uranium

    This stock was up almost 50% last week...

    Anybody think this is a good buy or know anything about this stock?

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    I see VUL is moving up this week.

    Anyone know why?

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    I may have missed something here ...

    Takeover is 1 PDN share for every 3.16 VUL

    Friday's closing asks were:
    PDN 512
    VUL 157 (but bid is at 151)

    VUL is therefore trading at 3% discount to offer.

    Realise there is still some pending court action but if PDN is viewed as having upside might be worth trading in next couple of weeks?

    Risk is of course PDN falling, or takeover not going thru...

    Any thoughts?

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    but even if the takeover doesnt go through with PDN it will be because SMM is taking it over right?. isnt that what the court action is about? SMM should have had pre-emptive rights to a takeover?

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