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    I was woken at about 12 this morning by my next door neighbour calling my name from the front lawn. The lady from across the road had woken her and had said her husband had fallen over. They are both good neighbours and we are all fairly close knit. When I went to investigate I found him in the hallway on his stomach. I knew before I turned him over that he had already passed. I have been in this situation a few times where time seems to stand still as you wait for the police and ambulance. It becomes like a morbid still shot in your mind and there is a mix of feeling totally useless in your ability to help in a meaningful way. Even trying to comfort his wife had a feeling of futility to it. Everyone in the room responds in a kind of panic of having to do something, anything to stop the finality of the moment set in, that you have lost a friend/loved one. In this case it was made worse that his wife had dementia and he was the primary carer.
    We managed to find family that is staying with her now till her son comes from NZ.

    I am looking after their budgie but he also had homing pigeons, anyone know what I should do with them? Not to sure if I just let them out of the cages(with permission) or what. Maybe there is a pigeon racing group in the local area.

    The other thing with death is I always have regrets that I could have made more of an effort. It's a reminder not to take time for granted and to catch up with loved ones.
    He was a good neighbour and I will miss our chats

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    It's a sad and disturbing time for you, moxjo, but I'm sure your neighbour's family greatly appreciate the care you have shown. The value of a good neighbour is something to be cherished, and it brings a lot of comfort to the children of elderly people to know there is somebody close at hand if help is needed.

    Condolences on your loss.

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    Hate it when the reality of our finality has to be dealt with...thanks for sharing.
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    So sorry to hear that moXJO. All I can say is that we all should be so lucky as to have a neighbour like you who has obviously done everything possible in a practical sense and genuinely cares about the family involved.

    A sad time for your neighbourhood.

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    Just a couple of things that may help to make things easier.

    Keep a list of contacts next to somewhere obvious like on the fridge or next to the phone. It will make the job of police, family or friends much easier. We had trouble finding any phone numbers of next of kin.
    Make sure you have arranged somewhere for your pets to go prior and list what pets you have and leave a contact phone number.
    Tell a family member where your will is and what to do.

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    You've done well moXJO. Those sort of situations are never easy.

    You advice is sound too.

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    Good on you for being a good neighbour, and looking after the lady - good neighbours are priceless. Don't forget to make sure you are ok as well after all this. Incidents like this affects people in different ways.
    Stay safe, and well done.

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    Yeah, your a good neighbor mate, well done. Sure makes you realize how lucky we are to wake up everyday.

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