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    Hi all,

    I've been a share investor for about 6-7 years now, and I want to start having a better look at small caps and micro caps for their growth potential.

    I've been researching this only for about a week now, and as I'm still new to small cap investing, I'd love some feedback on your thoughts on investing in the following companies that I believe are promising.

    I'm not looking to invest my life savings in any of these, just enough to test the waters.

    POH - Phosphogenics Ltd - Pharmaceutical & Neutraceutical products.
    Unique drug absorbtion though skin technology, offices in NYC & Melbourne. Awaiting FDA approval in US, but very optimistic. Soon to be expanding into skincare products... Not sure how I feel about that.
    Market cap ~145M

    RFE - Red Fork Ltd - Energy
    Founded in Oz in 2004, currently securing land in oil & gas provinces in the US with several promising operations on the go.
    Market cap = 263M
    Decent 1 year stock price predictions:

    BTA - Biota Holdings - Biotech, anti-infective drug development
    Proposed merger on the cards, Melbourne & Oxford locations.
    Market cap = 111M

    That's all I've had a look at so far...

    Ideas & suggestions very welcome...


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    Quote Originally Posted by amie View Post

    Ideas & suggestions very welcome...

    Hi amie,

    Welcome to ASF

    Not for the feint hearted!

    Springhill's Low Cap, Low Liquidity Stocks :


    Also, you can search the forum for most ASX-listed companies by using the ASX 3 letter code in the search facility.

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