Hi folks!

I'm interested in getting some feedback on the idea of a real money trading/investing competition.

If there were to be a trading/investing competition run on ASF with real money involved, how interested would you be in participating? The premise would be for an individual (anyone can apply to be chosen to participate) to have an amount of money to trade/invest for one month, before handing over to the next accepted individual.

There would be the capacity to go long and short, to cover any market condition, and in order to preserve capital, stops would be mandatory.

Participants would be chosen on the basis of their proposed trading or investing strategy/system and each buy or sell decision would be documented in a forum thread with a rationale or explanation also provided.

I am also curious as to whether those interested in such an idea would be willing to donate to help build an initial amount of capital to kick the competition off.

Please keep in mind that a competition of this type is just an idea at this stage and right now I am just gathering feedback.