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    I have a ground floor unit in complex built in 60s. Two questions, if anyone can help?

    1. Previous Tenants were operating a washing machine. which I think they were somehow draining throught the toilet and with no problems. Can I alter the plumbing under the vanity basin to accommodate a front loader washer? Will the pressure be too much for the pipes? The pipe from vanity to outside wall runs at about a 45 degree angle.

    2. The Strata manager has told me that if I sell the property he wants a prospective purchaser to notify the council of owners in writing that that they understand that the common area courtyard attached to the unit could be reduced in size in the future for the purposes of building a pathway down that side of the complex. Is that correct?

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    1) I'd check with body corp before doing any type of reno's to a property that is body corp/strata titled.

    2) What state is the property in?

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