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    Attendance Card
    "Please return to the Proxy Form Processing Centre Computershare Investor Services Pty. Limited, GPO Box 242, Melbourne VIC 3001 in the enclosed reply paid envelope."

    I want to attend the AGM of a company, and I chose to receive notices electronically, so they didn't send me an envelope. I am wondering if there is a site where I can print one or I can just write my own instead?

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    I've never attended an AGM or had the desire to so I don't know much about this. If a company AGM is one that the Australian Shareholders Association is attending I tend to give them my proxy (this info is on the ASA website). Generally you should be able to lodge your proxy online through the share registry so I guessing you might also be able to register to attend the AGM through the registry as well? I am only guessing because I elect to receive correspondence by mail with my holdings. A quick call to either the share registry or to the company's shareholder relations office would help you sort it out.

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    The problem, I'd thought from the question, was not the unavailability of a form to send in, but rather apparently some distress because there wasn't the usually provided envelope which of course there wouldn't be if the notice was received electronically.

    I wouldn't have imagined it to be all that complex a matter to simply print off the form, indicating a wish to attend the AGM, and hand address an ordinary envelope, then put a stamp on it.

    Perhaps, however, I'm missing some vital detail which provides a complication.

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    If you're attending the AGM then I do not see why you would need an envelope.

    My understanding is that you take the proxy form with you to the AGM (to help them identify you) and vote how you wish on the day.

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