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    Hi All,
    I heard a news report on the ABC on the weekend where someone said something along the lines of ... "50% of the movement in the ASX comes from banks and mining and a further 20% from telcos..." could someone please correct this for me- because I can't find the report on line now and i'd like to know what the % actually is rather than guess as I have done in the above "quote" :-)

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    This is of the ASX200, but should be a pretty good representation "The index covers approximately 78% of Australian equity market capitalization"

    There is a pie chart at the bottom


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    Same idea here.
    The ASX50 (the top 50 stocks by market cap) comprise almost two-thirds of the entire market cap. You can see how important those sectors are....

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    The ASX 200...as you can see BHP on its own is 9.8% of the index by cap and would be similar on a daily trade (volume) level.

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    Thanks to all replies - this is brilliant.

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