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    Default Difficulty in tracking new share purchases

    I am finding it difficult to track new share purchases on Commsec when it is a "Rights Issue", for example SXG recently did one so I transferred the money and then all of a sudden I have more shares in the company and my Commsec account has been updated.

    If I go to the transaction list on my commsec account it doesnt exist and isnt listed in there.

    Why do they not list this type of transaction in Commsec?

    Ok I just answered my own question while writing this - its on the Computershare website..

    would be good if it somehow updated Commsec so you could see the transaction also, computershare doesnt tell you want you paid for each share?

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    Default Re: Difficulty in tracking new share purchases

    If you didn't buy shares through Commsec, how are they to know?
    You might ask them whether they provide a manual update function (some brokers do).
    If it's a "no", it's probably time to look for your own portfolio management software.
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    Default Re: Difficulty in tracking new share purchases

    yeah but it does get updated back into Commsec showing your total number of shares owned, only problem is it just updated without you even knowing it - can be difficult when you have a large number of shares to track.

    Realized you can track this better on Computershare though, but doesnt always have the purchase price.

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