APA Group allocates $515 million Subordinated Notes and closes Offer
18 Sep 2012

APA Group is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed its offer of long-dated, unsecured, subordinated and cumulative notes ("Notes"), raising $515 million in total including demand from the APA Securityholder Offer and the General Offer.

APT Pipelines Limited (ACN 009 666 700) will today issue 5,150,000 Notes under the Prospectus at an issue price of $100 per Note.

On 9 August 2012, APA Group launched the offer of Notes at $100 each to raise $350 million, with the ability to raise more or less ("Offer"). On 16 August 2012 APA Group announced the allocation of $475 million of Notes following strong demand through the Bookbuild.
More: http://www.apa.com.au/investor-centre/news/asxmedia-releases/2012/apa-group-allocates-$515-million-subordinated-notes-and-closes-offer.aspx