NIB gave me some shares a few years ago and i wish to sell them, Currently the way i access these is through the site "computershare.com Investor centre" I have discovered to sell these i need to get a broker, after searching the forums and reading a few posts it seems CMC is the broker i am after as the fees are minimal (its about very small amount of shares) so the smaller the fee the better

how do i go about this? do i just register an account with CMC pay the $19.95 or can i use the free account? and do i enter my SRN/HIH number and my shares are able to be sold on CMC? is there any other fees i need to pay?

i have also forgotten my SRN/HIH and computershare.com wont give me the infomation over the phone and wish for me to pay $33.30 to get a statment sent out to me... is this normal? can i get this infomation else where for nothing?

Sorry if i am "spoon feeding" as i am sure that these questions may seem trivial to you, but im young and completely new to stock trading.

Thank you