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    Default Olympic hockey pitch---water

    Notice water spraying up off the pitch.
    When players run or hit the ball.
    It looks saturated and I'd have thought dangerous.
    But they don't seem to care about it at all.
    If it was a ennis court there would be a team
    Of super soakers out hard at work.

    Is it supposed to be there?
    What's the go?

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    Default Re: Olympic hockey pitch---water

    Its the astroturf. 2 types, sand and water based, water is smoother and better than sand apaprentl, i dont know why.

    The ball only goes along the top of the turf, it doesnt actually get slowed down or affected by the water, that only shows when they hit deeper into the turf (like you would for a golf shot) causing it to spray up.

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