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    MC - $6m
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    Historical Soil Geochemistry and Rock Chip Sampling Defines Anomalies at Crawford Copper-Bismuth Project
     High grade rock chips up to 34.9% Cu identified in collated legacy rock chip results
     Compilation of historical geochemical data has uncovered a number of copper soil anomalies warranting further investigation
     Work program currently being devised to define the extents and controls on mineralisation

    MMI soil geochemistry results received for the Peninsula Gold Project
    On 30 January 2012, the Company announced the results from the completed MMI soil sampling at its Peninsula Gold Project. Results returned from the MMI support and extend the corridor of gold mineralisation outlined by earlier reported rock chip sampling.
    Significantly anomalous soil results included:
    - Gold results up to 304 times geochemical background with a maximum returned value of 853 ppb gold.
    - Silver results up to 761 times geochemical background with a maximum returned value of 2,200 ppb silver.
    - Copper results up to 21 times geochemical background with a maximum returned value of 20,300 ppb copper.

    On 30 January 2012 the Company announced the appointment of Mr Eugene Lambert as Assistant Company Secretary. Mr Lambert is a certificated member of Chartered Secretaries Australia with significant experience in finance and corporate advisory industries. Mr Lambert is also actively involved in project origination and seed capital raising for start-up companies.
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    On November 22, 2012, Terranova Minerals NL (TNV) changed its name to Auroch Minerals NL (AOU).

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