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    Saw Barry Humphries Saturday night, absolute genius.

    Dame Edna to member of the audience " Hello Fiona, I like what you're wearing what was it before it was a dress ?" Quilt cover or......?

    Announcement - "Ladies and gentlemen we aplogise Sir Les Patterson is slightly delayed due to an intestinal gastric upset requiring a complete change of clothes"


    One of Barry’s famous characters is Sandy Stone who lived in Glen Iris back in the 30’s, he reminisces about the past, he’s died years ago but is back with us as a ghost, in his dressing gown and slippers.

    He does monologues, last night he... talked about a few things then went on to talk about his daughter June who died of rheumatic fever in 1937 when she was just 4 and a half..

    He said she was a happy little girl, once he took her to Tim the Toyman in the City and bought her a Cyclops tricycle, she loved that trike, going round and round in the back yard, till one day she developed a cough and just a week later they lost her, after that his wife Beryl had a breakdown.

    As he finished the stage became a little more covered in the mist that was there and from the side of the stage rolled an empty Cyclops tricycle……….and it rolled right up to him ever so slowly.

    There wasn’t a dry eye in the house…..

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    Pure talent Mr. B those actors can remember every word with out props and carry out a show with out missing a beat.
    The man who wrote Barry Mackenzie and Sir Les would be as good as any ambassadorial member we could find.
    I would rather be on a boat having a drink on the rocks than drink to a boat the rocks

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