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    Default Expected return per annum for options traders?

    Hi teamsters!

    I am looking for peoples results like % return per year for good options traders.
    I have read anything from 0 to 300%+ pa.
    I am just wanting peoples actual experiences and what hey believe to be realistic and achievable and duplicatable. I am aware markets change, am just after views of averages over the long term.


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    Default Re: Expected return per annum for options traders?

    For good oppies traders id say 20%+ depending on vol

    For someone whos new and paid $5k for a course, -50~80% depending on variance
    I believe effort to be a finite resource. Something to be used only when there are no other options available.

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    Default Re: Expected return per annum for options traders?

    The mean net trader benefit of all options sells on the market is -2T%, where T is the average brokerage incurred for each options transaction.

    A good options trader in the right market could probably achieve several hundred-fold increase on initial investment (in the order of 10,000%) in a given year, but would unlikely be able to sustain it for more than such a period. Long term (30 years+), the best options traders could probably hope for about 18%p.a. after fees (maybe a little more but I think 20% is definitely extreme).

    The variance on that is huge, and as a beginner you could probably expect to lose anywhere between a few hundred bucks you invested or, if you for some reason convince yourself that uncovered options are a good idea, your house and left leg. Plus or minus a few million dollars of course (hey, you could get lucky!).

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