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    MC - $9m
    SP - 6.3c
    Shares - 148m
    Options - 27m
    Cash - $1.2m

    Major shareholders
    Osisko Mining Corporation 9.9%
    ABN AMRO Clearing Sydney Nominees 5.3%
    Peter Nicholson 3.9%

    Rob Reynolds, chairman
    Mining/exploration finance and management
    Alacer Gold, Exeter, Delta Gold
    Bernard Rowe, managing director
    20 years exploration and corporate experience
    Ashton, Drake, Tri Origin
    Peter Nicholson, technical director
    30 years exploration and management experience
    Geopeko, Eupene, Savage
    Pat Elliott, director
    Corporate finance
    and management
    Morgan Grenfell, Crossland Uranium, MIL Resources, Argonaut Resources

    Agreement with Osisko
     Osisko may earn an initial 45% interest in five gold projects in Nevada by spending a total of US$8million over 4 years.
     Global will manage and operate during this phase.
     Upon completion of the earn-in, Osisko must select which projects it wishes to continue funding.
     Osisko to sole-fund projects it selects through to completion of bankable feasibility study and in doing so will increase to 70%.
     Projects not selected by Osisko will be returned to Global and Osisko will have no ownership interest nor any other rights.
     Global and Osisko will assess other gold opportunities in Nevada.
     $2M budget for 2012 (minimum commitment) including $1M for drilling on four projects.

    Lone Mountain, Nevada
    • 38 km2 property covering highly prospective “window”
    • Located between Carlin and Jerritt Canyon gold deposits
    • Excellent potential for large Carlin-style system
    • New detailed gravity survey completed
    • Drill ready targets
    • GSC has option to acquire 100% interest from owner
    • Osisko funding exploration

    Excelsior, Nevada
    • Under-explored gold zone
    • Walker Lane in southern Nevada
    • Drill intercepts over 2.2km of strike
    • Multiple zones of shallow, oxidised gold
    • Part of a much larger mineralised zone
    • Gold mineralisation identified over 10km long zone
    • GSC earning 70% by spending US$3M over 4 years and cash payments of $100K.
    • Over $600,000 spent to date

    Sara Sara, Peru
    • Large porphyry lithocap
    • >15 sq km of advanced argillic alteration
    • IP anomaly
    • Cu-Mo, Ag-Re mineralisation
    • 70 sq km, mostly covered

    2012 work program
    • $2.5M exploration budget for 2012, fully funded
    • Drilling a minimum of 4 projects
    • $2M Nevada budget funded by Osisko
    • May 2012 – drilling Sara Sara high-grade silver
    • June/July 2012 – drilling Lone Mt and Excelsior gold
    • Aug/Sept - drilling Bartlett gold/copper
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