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    Default Martial arts

    Wing chun, Anise, escrema, hapkido.

    anyone else train?

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    Default Re: Martial arts

    Yes. Kung Fu - combination of styles inc. wing chun.
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    sorry i do know .. u just serach some training school

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    accurate. i liked training kyokushin the best.
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    Use to train muay-thai, unfortunately work commitments prevent me from training anymore, very enjoyable and great for fitness. In the same gym they trained wing-chun, quite impressive and alot more intricate.

    Has anyone actually fought? Whether at beginner or pro level?

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    Quote Originally Posted by disarray View Post
    accurate. i liked training kyokushin the best.
    Yeah, alot of bull**** martial arts out there. Did BJJ and Muay Thai for about 3 years. Haven't been back since I fractured my scaphoid for the second time on both hands. These days my wrists hurt if I do a push up.

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    Lots of bad instructors teaching some dangerous and outdated training techniques that are likely to get you injured. Then you have the other lot that have no idea what actually works as self defense.

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    Was one of the first three students of Jimmy Fung
    40 yrs ago " wing chun"
    Jimmy died a few years back a sad day he was always a sincere friend.

    I really think everyone should become proficient in a discipline.
    Even if you don't use it.

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    1 punch, 1 kill seems to be the rage at the moment on the East Coast.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DB008 View Post
    1 punch, 1 kill seems to be the rage at the moment on the East Coast.....
    Only at the moment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech/a View Post
    Was one of the first three students of Jimmy Fung
    40 yrs ago " wing chun"

    This is the school I'm training at.

    All of my training thus far has been one on one through my best mate who has about 20yrs of experience (some as a teacher) in various martial arts.

    We lean towards Arnise/Escrima and Wing Chun mostly but he also shows me a bit of grappling stuff that occurs in Hapkido. We also go over a bit of Ju-jistu and a bit of boxing though my mate has little experience with these two.

    We train double stick in escrima mostly as drills are easy to do either on our own or together (sinuwali drills resemble 'paticake'), we do a bit of single stick disarm stuff which can get quite complex and finally we do a bit of stick and knife with a false wooden knife (still enough to break my damn thumb!)

    Wing Chun I find hugely satisfying and quite difficult to do well and correctly. Chi sao (sticking hands) is very enjoyable and also quite frustrating as I am always following my opponents movements which I should be ignoring once they pass my centreline.

    attempting the Siu lim tao (the first form of Wing Chun: a kinde of 'kata' I suppose) is the closest I have ever come to a form of meditation in my life. This is is a fairly big deal coming from me as I suffer form severe OCD and have been told by many ppl to attempt meditation of one type or another with no success until now.

    I love this ****!

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    trained in MMA. Found the Muay Thai and wrestling the best aspects of the sport. Didn't care for BJJ.

    Also had a couple of ammature bouts, very different to when you just sparr someone from the gym. Much faster imo.

    Trained with a couple guys who went pro as well.

    Would still be training if it wasnt for a heart condition and I dont like training not to fight. I'd love to give Krav Maga ago but not many places offer it out my way.

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    Default Re: Martial arts

    I used to do karate... I miss those days...

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    Default Re: Martial arts

    I dont believe in belts, there shouldnt be a ranking system for toughness

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