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    Default Australia's Jesus Christ?

    First he was unceremoniously dethroned, but contined to preach the word (well, his word anyway).

    Then he was even more unceremoniously crucified, complete with all the fireworks of an Olympic opening ceremony.

    Now, is he about to rise from the tomb ?

    If he does, one difference is that forgiveness won't be high on his list of priorities.


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    Default Re: Australia's Jesus Christ?

    Please, not another Rudd thread. There are already about a dozen.

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    Default Re: Australia's Jesus Christ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Calliope View Post
    Please, not another Rudd thread. There are already about a dozen.
    Nothing wrong with an update, I think. The Mad Monk needs somebody to outrank him, and J.C. could just be the man. Certainly a better prospect for us than a Mahmud of that other mob.
    Especially if it upsets the Greenies; about time C.M. be put in her place before she (and that other dimwit H-Y) make Australia the laughing stock of every crook in neighbouring countries. (Not that Abbot's megalomania "my way or the highway" made matters any better...)
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Innate Stupidity.

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