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    Morning all,

    I'm new here, and firstly, well done - the newbie section (this one) and other information on this forum is awesome. A lot of people have put in a lot of effort, hats off. Thankyou.

    I have recently opened a CommSec account to do some investing. Since I have owned shares already (joint account with my father), I have an older "user ID" or login number, but other than this, I have logged in as a new user and started transfering some cash into the cash account in order to start buying. All good. I had to make a call to the call centre for a quick and easy query, and they guy on the other end of the phone (who was very helpful by the way - thanks Igor) informed me I was a CommSec1 customer and gave me a new number to call if I had any queries. My current login not only accesses my personal share trading accounts but my joint account with dad.

    My query is - what are the benefits (if any) of being a CommSec1 customer? I did a search on the CBA and CommSec website, as well as this forum and even googled it, found nothing.

    Anything worth knowing?

    Thanks in advance.

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