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    Is greed good?
    Empires last for about 200 years USA has done their time and it looks like the worlds next power house will be Asian, meaning Burma, Vietnam, Indonesian and Philippines.
    But what will happen next, will USA find a way to punch on or are they be yesterdays news.
    The money that has been wasted on War and armament, Bank’s, exec’s, bailouts etc has put us all in debt for possibility of next 15 -18 yrs.
    The money USA has spent 1.4 Trillion since 2001 in Iraq and Afghanistan wars, dollars that could have feed all in USA for 2 years now has to be paid plus the rest from China etc..
    USA have not won a war since 1945 yet still use a false flag where they want to or push until war breaks out, puts in a puppet to do their bidding regardless who gets hurt or what the long term damage will be.
    USA has more people in prison than any other country; student debt is 24k per person.

    Big fuel companies at the expense of alternative fuels are keeping the world in hock.
    Pharmaceuticals companies have taken over the control of which drugs we can get, use or not use regardless of which is best for the ill.
    Think of the lost to them if a cure for cancer was discovered if it has not already been found but kept hidden.

    Big banks and lobbyist run the Feds world wide and more than necessary are feeding from the taxpayer.
    How do we know the truth behind Carbon tax when 99% of the rest of the World don’t have it and if is a life threatening problem why isn’t more being done to enforce it.

    Is this want we want more of or is it time to take a stand, will the net save us from another world war.
    Should we look at helping the individual or make them accept more responsibility such as a person wants some thing they need to put up a deposit, or sign some order to refund the funds lent regardless if they fail in their endeavor or not.
    Are we sick of hearing we only want peace from our higher up when we know a good war will help big business and their cronies?
    Why is it a robber of a small store gets 10 years when Big banks can change the rules to suit them and nothing happens.
    Is it possible for us to live in peace when there has been war’s every year of some sort since man picked up the first stone or stick.
    Are we destined to keep doing the same thing for the rest of the life of the World.
    Should we allow migrants in on the proviso one stuff up and they are on the first plane back to their home land this putting pressure on them to to keep a clean sheet.
    I would rather be on a boat having a drink on the rocks than drink to a boat the rocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen48 View Post
    Is greed good?
    Empires last for about 200 years USA has done their time and it looks like the worlds next power house will be Asian, meaning Burma, Vietnam, Indonesian and Philippines.
    US has had more than 200 years ... and now is imploding.
    Could never understand why the news always said "Following from a lead in Wall Steet ..."
    That is until someone pointed out that, despite their problems,
    they are still the world's largest economy (for the moment)!

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    With USA current debt of 15.8 trillion is telling you how much they are spending without improving their economy at all. I truly believe, the USA government need to take a closer look where they are spending their money. The question is, is greed good? It depends, if you are running a business, yes greed can help make you more money. But, if you running a daycare and let's say the limit is 12 kids in a daycare and you want to make more money by having 20+ kids, this can get your daycare to shut down. So is greed good? it depends what it is for.

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    Apparently our beloved pollies think so....

    EXCLUSIVE: A VICTORIAN Senator has hit out at a politicians' pay rise saying he's "gobsmacked" and that he doesn't want it.
    It follows the Herald Sun revelation that just three months after Federal MPs were given a $44,000 pay rise, they are getting another $5550 boost.
    The 3 per cent pay rise quietly handed down this week, which is almost double the annual inflation rate, is being derided by one senior figure as the "pollies' own carbon tax compo".
    Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Senator John Madigan said people getting hit by the carbon tax and copping big price rises for power should be outraged.
    “For the life of me I don’t know why we are getting it after a $40,000 pay rise in March,” he said.
    “I don’t expect it, I don’t want it.”
    The former blacksmith said he never experienced money like this in the past and he couldn’t understand why the pay rises have been approved.
    “Power prices are out of control - gas, water, everything.
    “We have got people who can’t afford to buy a home, we have got pensioners who sit in shopping centres because they can’t afford to heat their home.”
    “I’m flabbergasted.”


    RETIRED MPs and their families have escaped the winter chills courtesy of taxpayer-funded flights to holiday hot spots such as Broome, Cairns, Lord Howe Island and the Whitsunday Islands.

    Former Speaker Ian Sinclair and his family were the most frequent flyers between July and December last year, taking 55 free flights - at a rate of two every week.

    LOL. The hoipoloi are a bunch of suckers.... but wait! That includes MOI!

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    Glen, will you put a link to your post please?

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