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    Default CommSecIRESS issues - move to Etrade?

    I've been with COMSEC for about 14years and trade pretty heavily. Over the years I have seen quite a few platforms used by COMSEC and I would have to say the one that they used from PARITECH was the best. Unfortunately COMSEC in all its "wisdom" turfed them out and started their own PROTRADER which was a total flop and then they moved to IRESS.

    The move to JAVA immediately made the system slow and the screens looked like crap.

    I also trade with CMC and they had a Java platform which was just as painful.
    Although now their CMCTRACKER platform is an absolute joy and a real work of art.

    However, by wishing to stay with the "safety" of ASX CFDs - I need to use COMSEC and sadly then I need to use IRESS.

    Most of last year was spent with calls from COMSEC announcing their major upgrade but as a frequent trader (as others have also found) we were the last ones to get the so called upgrade.

    Since the upgrade the system has been a total disaster - I think I could walk over and place a trade faster than execute it online. Sure, yes that is an exaggeration but does anyone else have complaints about this?

    Over the course of the year, JAVA also crashes and then IRESS does not run. The whole system is totally flaky. This is all on a fast machine with a damn good internet connection. I should know - the CMCTRACKER runs speedily.

    Which brings me to my question: How does ETRADE compare with IRESS. Are they also on a JAVA platform - who knows maybe they are just as poor. But I would love some real opinions.

    I guess COMSEC knows that with accounts and Chess Holdings in place most people may just prefer to stay with the rubbish rather than go through the other nightmare of transferring accounts and holdings.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: CommSecIRESS issues - move to Etrade?

    I see Spark advertised on this site. Does anyone use it as their trading platform and if so, which bank is it connected (if any)?
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