Fairview Equity Partners is a boutique Australian fund manager exclusively focused upon investing in Australian small companies equities. We manage in excess of $183 million, as at 30 April 2012.
Fairview was jointly founded in October 2008, by executive directors, Chris Adams, Leigh Cronin and Michael Glenane. All founding members previously worked together as investment managers at Goldman Sachs JBWere Asset Management. We collectively have in excess of 50 years of investment experience, encompassing funds management and investment research.
As well as being founding members and majority shareholders in Fairview, we’ve invested a considerable portion of our personal wealth into the Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund. To this end, we are completely aligned with investors in our efforts to maximise unitholder returns.

i found this fund while researching places to put my up coming claim money,i like the way they prefer the small
caps as a place with value that is under reserached,i dont normally go for funds but it does appeal to me to
put my money somewhere safe which pays a good return.

anyone know about fairview? tigerboi

i do have the PDS