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    I think I have made the safest bet ever and you can too!

    Just to let you know, I am a Queenslander, who was born in NSW, but migrated to cane toad country and did my time. So, they (the university of "they") recon I qualify as a QLDer. Anyway, just because I live in the northern river now doesn't mean I jump ship and join you cockroaches right?

    I looked at the teams after the first game and could see a recipe for easy money, the recipe goes as follows:

    1- Take the 3 best players out of the premiership winning team Manly
    2- Add in the best players from the whole NSW competition
    3- Make sure the game is played at the home ground under a capacity crowd
    4- Bet NSW to win the series @ $4.80 or better

    That's it! Probably one of the greatest bets ever, and I recon you can still get these prices

    Ok, yes there is a risk, and that risk is your initial stake. But I think you will agree you have massive overs already and once you win the first game, you can lock in your profits for a certain gain.
    The simple things in life are free!

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    Default Re: State of Origin bet

    I just cannot help my self.
    A champion team will beat a team of champions any day.

    Ok now you know our secret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gundini View Post

    Just to let you know, I am a Queenslander, who was born in NSW
    reminds me of NSW'S best player...he wears a QLD jersey
    only a legend has a street named after him!

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