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    Post Thoughts for 2006

    My thoughts for 2006

    *Gold to continue its run
    I've been looking at several Gold stocks and ummming and argghing
    such as Lihir Gold, Newcrest, Westonia, SBM

    *Japan to rise,
    Where to look to benefit from this?

    *China to continue its boom
    Resource stocks-Iron Ores Players
    Murchison etc

    *US to make up ground
    US Banks, Australian stocks that gain earnings from US Markets?

    My plans for 2006 are to draw out some equity and put 40% into another WA property ($40k at 80% = $200k Property) and 60% into several Blue Chip shares ($60k at 50% leverage = $120k ) primarily for Income and with Growth as a Bonus

    Thats my Thoughts and Goals anyway and I'm looking at implementing them soon if all goes well..I'm sure it will change slightly as the Year progresses..

    Has anyone else made plans for 2006?
    The Barbarian Investor

    Price is What you pay- Value is what you get!

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    Default Re: Thoughts for 2006

    My prediction for 2006 is that it will be completely unpredictable.

    But I have a definate bias for either an up, down or sideways year

    Be prepared for the consequences of rising interest rates.


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    Smile Re: Thoughts for 2006

    Looking into 2006 ..... Warning: ..... astrostuff ahead .....

    Hi folks,

    Attached is some astroanalysis of the market sector
    rotations expected in 2006, for both US and Oz .....

    happy new year


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    Default Re: Thoughts for 2006

    Oil should be an interesting one in 2006. I'm not going to even attempt to predict actual prices but:

    1. IMO production worldwide is running flat out at present. There is no "surplus" capacity of any significance.

    2. Refineries are running pretty much flat out too.

    3. In 2006 there does seem to be some significant new crude supply coming online. The net effect after allowing for existing field depletion, accidents, wars, diasters and so on is harder to predict but best guess is a small net increase.

    4. The drawn down emergency stockpiles are going to (presumably) be refilled sometime. That adds to demand and in the US they are talking about not only refilling but an outright increase in strategic stockpiles. Likewise other countries such as China.

    5. There seems to be a lot of talk about the idea of $50 being set as a formal price floor. Also there are signs of increasing co-operation between OPEC and Russia. Between the two they control about 50% of global hydrocarbon liquids production.

    6. Weather-realted demand is of course unpredictable. And then there's the rate of economic growth and underlying demand increase.

    7. There's the ongoing question of Iraq plus Iran. And there's always the possibility of strife in Venezuela and others.

    So what happens to the price is anyone's guess. But having no effective surplus capacity combined with the reduced strategic stockpiles (and the need to refil them) does give the potential for quite a lot of volatility in an upwards direction.

    But on the other hand there is lots of heavy crude especially looking for buyers at the moment and the discount compared to light sweet crude is substantial. So there isn't an outright shortage as such.

    And of course there's the UK gas crisis too which creates all sorts of possible opportunities and threats, including some for Australian companies depending on what policies the UK government comes up with.

    Not advice etc. Do your own research if you want to try and profit from any of the above. Just posted it for the info of those interested in the energy sector.

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