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    Ishine International Resources Limited (ISH) has a portfolio of six exploration projects which are prospective for copper-gold mineralisation, in Queensland, and nickel mineralisation, in Western Australia. ISH holds 7 active tenements which accounted for 367 sqkm and 31 exploration licenses granted or applied in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland in total of 10,696 sqkm.


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    MC - $17m
    SP - 20c
    Shares - 87m
    Options - NQ
    Cash - $2.1m

    I would normally glance at ISH and move straight on, but something in the 4C caught my eye. ISH have no concrete exploration program in place, the Mount Watson project drilling program has been in planning for over 3 quarterly reports, so no need to have abundant cash in the back pocket ready to pay bills.
    ISH have over 2m in the bank, but interest received this quarter was a pitiful $2k, by my math that is an interest rate for the quarter of 0.1%, or 0.4%pa.
    If this is right, that is pathetic money management.
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