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    They let there health care system be run by large financial institutions who demand a profit over patients

    And this is not limited to dental. It's pretty much the entire US healthcare system. It's a driven for profit model. Hence the massive hue and cry anytime any politician steps up to the plate to push public healthcare legislation.

    Drug Royalties is a huge market in the states. It's where funds buy the rights to a particular genome or process and then attempt to licence it out to pharma companies to use in making medicine. this can radically affect the speed with which a medicine comes to the market, if the company chooses not to pay up.

    These funds are also the biggest boosters for politicians and lobbyists who complain about generic drug manufacturing. as it hurts their profits.

    you have a phenomenon in the states called prescription tourism. basically all these geriatrics in the north east board buses to go to canada for the weekend to stock up on their pills and medicine as it's much cheaper for them, and in many cases they can't afford medicine back home.

    (health care is subsidised in Canada and generic drug manufacturing permitted after the medicine has been on the market for 5 years)

    God Bless America.....................

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    Default Re: Abuse By Private Equity Investments in the USA

    Simple solution, toss their corrupt, parasitic federal government.

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