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    Looks like these guys have an API that mergers liquidity from Integral, currenex, lmax etc. (commision $1.50 for multiple providers, $0.80 for LMAX)

    They also have futures ($1.95 e-mini's etc)

    Anyone used them? I have found a couple of threads on them and feedback seems positive

    Lots of info on the website

    Am going to check out the demo tonight

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    Had a crack at the demo last night trading futures. Obviously only demo and i've never traded futures before or used a price ladder so take this opinion for what it is...

    I was impressed, platform easy to use, had no trouble trading from the ladder with no experience, easy to click in limits or stops in the ladder, buttons for market orders, cancel all orders, Close and cancel all orders, close and cancel all orders and reverse etc. . Can set your own hotkeys. All this is probably standard though?

    Charting was pretty standard, didn't spend too much time with it, from initial look it seems that charts are all time based though (i think you can use volume to change the thickness of the bars or plot it separately on the chart. Lots of indicators and studies and other pretty things if that's what you're into.

    Didn't try the currencies but you can pull up charts/prices from any of the liquidity providers instantly. Not sure if there is a way to have the liquidity from the providers merged.

    I think they're definitely worth taking a look at

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    If only the API wasn't written in VB.net ....????

    Talk about sub-optimal.

    Otherwise, good find thanks.
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    Default Re: Fastbrokers

    Isn't the brokerage a little expensive?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trembling Hand View Post
    Isn't the brokerage a little expensive?
    Interactive Brokers is USD2.5 per (forex) order
    Pepperstone is AUD3.5 per (forex) order
    Dukascopy is a very competitive sliding scale but let's say avg USD1.6 per order

    So it's pretty good at least for forex (looking at their ECN2, not LMAX offering).
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