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    Default Email Security

    If you use Yahoo, Hotmail etc. then you ought to be aware of this. It seems that someone's in the business of hacking passwords for the purpose of their clients gaining access to confidential information with which to gain commercial advantage.


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    Default Google Authenticator

    Firstly, sorry for dredging up a very old post but l think this is worthwhile.

    I just found out that Google has implemented a 2 step verification system for it's services (e-mail etc etc). Been around for a while, but hey, I just found out about it.

    It's called "Google Authenticator". If anyone has any type of google account, l highly recommend this.

    Free, easy as pie to install, takes around 5-10 minutes.

    I have installed it on my laptop and Thunderbird (open source e-mail client) and my Android mobile. Code changes every 30 seconds if you use a public computer and my mobile has an app which produces a number. Even if someone gains your password, they won't be able to get into your e-mail (or very, very, very unlikely).

    Some links;



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    Default Re: Email Security

    I have also heard about this from many business companies. I am very scared of this. I decided that i will not reveal my passwords or i will not make the id of yahoo or bing,

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