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    I am trying to find out what the average allowance on top of salary would be for a new $35k-$40k car driven about 20,000km a year. i.e mid spec commodore or falcon

    Any ideas?


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    I will take a punt and say about $15000.
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    Unions generally claim that having a company car is worth the equivalent of $10 - 15K in salary.

    Eg $65K salary + car is effectively the same as simply earning $80K with no car. At least that's the argument I've heard unions use in recent times.

    Personally, a company car is worth a lot less to me since, unless I have full private use 24/7/365 including whilst on leave, I still have to own a car and pay rego etc. And once you own it, just driving it isn't costing me anywhere near $10K a year.

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