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    Default Amibroker Coding - combining Long & Short?

    hi, i've been learning and testing with a long system ever since I started on AB recently. i'd like to combine the long with a short system to see how it performs under different conditions. I don;t know how and if this is "the way its done in AB". I realise i am new to AB and probably getting ahead of myself without asking the right questions.

    2 q's follow from this I suppose:
    1. within the same loop that I test for long exits do I include the short system exits ?

    2. more importantly, how does AB's portfolio backtester treat each symbol or symbols. does it go thru one symbol at a time from start to end of loop ?

    thanks for reading my post and appreciate your thoughts on the subject. any pointers to documentation I may have missed or forum posting gladly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Amibroker Coding - combining Long & Short?

    hi all,

    after more readings, its obvious I have much much more to learn about AB, developing trading systems and in particular array processing as opposed to just looping which seemed natural initially.

    so thanks again for taking the effort to read my post, any further suggestions to this AB newbie in this journey is most appreciated

    thanks again

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