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    Breaker Resources NL (BRB) was incorporated in 2010 to pursue new opportunities for gold discovery in the emerging Yamarna and Burtville Terranes, located in the eastern part of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Western Australia. As a result of a successful "early mover" tenement acquisition strategy, Breaker is now the largest tenement holder in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, with eight 100%-owned Projects with an overall area of 5,541km2.


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    When is BRB due to start trading on the asx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllAussie View Post
    When is BRB due to start trading on the asx?
    At 12:30pm today according to the ASX website: http://www.asx.com.au/research/upcoming.htm

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    No reply's since 2012. But have a look at that chart!!! Really kicked off after the announcement on the 13th of Sept.

    I do not hold.

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    Yeah i have had this on my stock screener recently too, has had a nice solid breakout.

    Check out the chart, is this the perfect setup that penny stock traders/traders in general look for to enter?

    volume, consolidation around a support level, then the breakout? This is my guess but i could be wrong, still a noob with technical analysis.

    3 Month Daily chart BRB

    *If anyone is interested in helping or exchanging knowledge with charts/technical analysis send me a message, very keen.


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    Personally not game to trade it. Maybe on a pull back?

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    Now in a trading halt. Perhaps they struck gold, literally!!! Just look at that price action prior to the halt, insider trading perhaps?

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    Interestingly enough BRB comes out of a trading halt and issues a please explain regarding the Australian article published on the 23rd of Sept.

    Article here:

    Even though it doesn't make any new announcements of findings, some huge buying late in the day pushed it to a fresh 52 week closing high. I wonder if this is going to be a pump and dump or have they actually hit something here? I do not hold.

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