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    I obtained a number of Aussie shares some time ago while an Australian resident. I'm now living in Norway as a non-resident and would like to sell these shares but am not sure how to go about it.

    For a one-off trade am I better off using an actual broker or some type of electronic trading tool? Recommendations for either would be appreciated.

    I also wasn't certain whether I'm liable to pay CGT if I'm selling the shares as a non-resident that I purchased as a resident - if someone can clarify it would be appreciated.

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    you may want to give the ATO a call.

    I am not sure about this but if you were an australian resident, then you became a non resident, this would trigger a CGT event on everything except taxable australian real property.

    This means at the time of you becoming a non-resident, you should have disposed of your shares unless you elect not to.

    Since you did not elect... I am not sure what happens now. I would assume since you are now a non resident you are still taxed on these shares because the source is still from an Australian source?

    Anyone can remember tax stuff?

    I think you should contact your broker, sell the shares. (may want to do it in another F/Y? depending on your tax position) Non-residents are only taxed on income from australian sources. e.g. australian property rent. However, if these are shares listed on the ASX, source = australia therefore Australian CGT?

    anyone can clarify?

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