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    CTI logistics operate in perth they are a stock to watch


    CTI has flown under the radar probably because it is very tightly held with only 50m shares on issue at around $1.42.

    latest financials for full 2010-2011 was NPAT $6.2m up 31%

    revenue was $72.5m up 19.4%,net margin 8.55%...unheard of in road transport,LAU,KSC are flat out getting 3% toll not much better.

    with a 6c fully franked dividend,

    these are great numbers for transport which normally produce skinny margins...TB

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    A stock that appears to have gone under the radar unnoticed.

    Here is the latest results and impressive they are - since then the share price as risen 40%.


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    Are we going to see a turn around from this poor year?

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    Any further thoughts on CLX? A friend mentioned [not recommending] them.

    Seems to have been a shocker since late 2013. Low liquidity. Increasing debt? Unsustainable dividend?

    How are they staying afloat?
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