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    Residents of the Australian-owned Cocos Keeling islands are concerned their home could become a base for US drones, despite a Government commitment it would not happen in their lifetimes.

    The Government has not ruled out the possibility that US military surveillance drones could be based on the strategically important islands, more than 2,000 kilometres north-west of Perth.

    But one Cocos Island resident says that just weeks ago a Government minister told community members it would not happen in their lifetimes.

    About 600 people call the islands home, including local businessman John Clunies Ross, who has been living there for three decades.

    He says the last conversation he had about a US military presence on the islands was with their local member, Government minister Warren Snowdon, earlier this month.

    "The last time Snowdon was up here, he basically said, 'no, not in our lifetime,'" he said.

    "It was hard to pin him down, he just didn't want to discuss it at all."

    Mr Clunies Ross says some members of the community are concerned.

    "There's a number of people who, on one end of the scale, are total pacifists, wouldn't like to see anything like that happen at all," he said.

    "On the other end, the businesses are looking around and say, 'well, we could do with some work actually on the island'.

    "I think the reaction covers the whole range at the moment."

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    Default Re: Should there be drones on Cocos?

    Its a great place and a great place for drones I assume you are talking about the planes not the FEDS, suppose it will give the locals money and jobs and if the yanks can't put them there they will go some where else.
    From there they can fly any where from Africa to India.


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