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    Post CEO - C@ Limited

    hey fleeta - this is the next one in the line - get on the cats.
    im surprised you didnt realise - seeing marketech issued them.
    good luck if you get on.
    for those who think this is a ramp, go to their website and check their business plan - quite ingenious

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT ltd

    i hope u aint already on holidays fleeta - its gonna get away from you - i'll give you one guess who bought ceoo yesterday at 3c - hmmmm.

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    I think I figured out who you are....you must be Andrew Harrison, non exec director of both NMS and CEO!!!!!!!

    I'm gonna watch and learn...you love your start-ups don't you!

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    only those i get the word on fleeta - if i was AH, i wouldnt be wasting my time with 2 bit comedians like you - considering the oppies he was allocated at nms.

    watch & learn wont help on this one fleeta - its get in or consider what hindsight is - your choice !!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    Are you bullying me into buying here?

    So i'm a 2 bit comedian hey, well if only you knew who I really am!!! Be careful...

    I'm going to trust you and buy a small parcel @ 20c.

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    Hold for a year or two and the rewards will be tremendous on this one...

    www.cnow.com.au for anyone interested.

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    now come on fleeta - im the last person to threaten you - surely - ive been teasing you for months on this one, you kept biting, and now i finally deliver. and by geez what a nice little earner its already proven to be. ceoo now 8.2c - yes i know turnover is small, but considering total holdings, like nms, its likely to accelerate the gains - and sooner rather than later.

    while you keep pondering your wise decision to jump on at 20c, just keep in mind what nms did deliver you early this year.

    and watch out 2006 - "oh what fun it is to ride on a one stock option play"....now i like that - how do i copyright it ?

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    does this get any better - 266% in a week - now 11c - yes turnover still small but there are 100k bids at 10c & 9c, so the support is there.

    and santa said i can copyright that little verse of mine - fantastic.
    Last edited by son of baglimit; 29th-December-2005 at 07:44 PM. Reason: typo

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    ahhh - a new year - lets have some fun - you too fleeta

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    Personal Profile of Andrew Gay, CEO of C @ Limited
    Followed by a concise look at what CEO are all about.

    I’ve been an Optometrist for about 20 years, originally studied in the UK. I’ve owned two optical practices, so that put me right at the coal face. I’ve also designed my own frame range called Andrew Gay: Australia. I’ve done some consultancy work at an optical lab, where I observed the development of lenses and developed my interest in the lens field.

    In addition, I was president for three years of the largest buying group of Western Australia and am currently on the Optometrists Registration Board of WA.

    The Challenge I Find in my work
    Keeping All the plates spinning. The field of optometry is a really interesting profession .It’s kind of at the nexus of a number of different industries. You’ve got the clinical/medical side, then there’s the business side and then there’s the fashion side of it. Years ago it used to just be a daggy old pair of glasses.

    What do I do in my spare time?
    Cycling. It has a good fitness aspect and it’s a great stress release.

    Where Would I Like to see my company positioned in five years
    We’d like to be 300 stores and I’d like to see us as the number two player in the Australian market

    A Philosophy or way of thinking that has contributed to my success?
    The concept of celebrating the individual. People don’t want to be treated as robots or numbers, they want to be recognised as individuals. That applies to clients and staff, who don’t want a one size fits all policy. Its bring back the humanity to an otherwise mechanical system.

    C @ Presents a Clear Vision for the Future

    Emerging Optical Company, C @ Limited, aims to take on major players such as OPSM in a market that generates $1.3 billion in Australia alone, with a model that capitalises on the large number of smaller independent retailers currently in the optometry sector.

    One in Five Australians are now making regular trips to the optometrist, a number that is set to grow as the baby boomer generation grows older. The industry growth rate is a healthy 4.9% per annum and rising.

    C @ is looking to more effectively serve this growing market by offering an affiliation opportunity to the 1500 independent optometrists. These are optometrists who are not associated with the familiar OPSM, Budget Specs and Sunglasses Hut, all owned by Italian giant, Luxottica, and currently accounting for 45% of the total market.

    As C @ CEO and Chairman, Andrew Gay, puts it, “We are a wholesale company that is looking to consolidate independent optometrists under a retail banner. We’re aiming to make independents more competitive in the market.”

    “Affiliated stores will not be part of a franchise or optical buying group but will directly benefit from a national brand marketing campaign able to match it with the large chain stores,” C @’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Gay, said today.

    C @ has developed a business model which removes the "middlemen" from the wholesale supply chain, allowing C @ to supply direct to affiliate retailers. This concept has been developed over the past 3 years in consultation with a number of private optical operators throughout Australia.

    The $2.5 million dollars raised through the IPO will be used towards the establishment of a Western Australian based production and delivery centre, recruitment of further personnel with extensive industry experience and in undertaking the steps required to establish supply to affiliates.

    “Initial funds will mostly be used for the purchase of stock, that’s frames and lenses, equipment purchasing, and also to promote the C @ concept to independent retailers.”

    Preliminary research has identified significant interest in the C @ concept, both from investors and potential affiliates.

    “We’ve already got 10 pre-affiliates on board, and after listing what we’re aiming to do is go hammer and tongs to recruit more.

    “What we’re aiming to do is to get 300 affiliates over the next five years, which equates to about 20% market share,” said Andrew Gay.

    “Within the current environment, most of Australia’s 1,500 independent practices are unaligned to any national retail brand. Against this, the Luxottica stores comprise just 25% of outlets but command an estimated 50% of the national market.”

    “While we’re only just starting out as a wholesaler, these potential affiliates are already out there in the market place competing, all we’re doing is gathering them together under a retail banner.”

    Mr. Gay says this will offer extensive benefits to the independent operators in what has been traditionally been a fragmented market for those operating outside the dominant retail chains.

    “The chain stores are doing miles better than the independents at the moment. We believe that it’s not because the optometrist, the staff, or products are any better- it’s the marketing.

    The greatest benefit to retailers in regards to the C @ affiliate model is that is largely based on the successful branding strategy currently in place amongst Australia’s chemists, allowing independent operators to not only retain control of their businesses but to also enjoy the benefits that come with affiliations such as brand recognition, particularly when it comes to advertising.

    “Where they (the independents) really fall down is in the marketing. In the first eight months of this year, 90% of independent retailers spent less than $1000 in advertising.”

    “We haven’t really re-invented the wheel. What we’ve done is copy the pharmacy model where the pharmacy wholesalers actually own the retail banner that the independent pharmacists operate under.”

    C @ intends to replicate the success of the pharmacy model in the Optometry industry.

    “We also have a co-branding arrangement, where you still retain your own local identity but you also become part of a bigger group, the biggest benefit of which is that we will be marketing on their behalf.”

    Another distinctive feature of the C @ Proposal is its supply model, allowing affiliates to access a large stockpile of products from the proposed Western Australian distribution warehouse, located to provide a distinct time advantage to the large East Coast market.

    “We have a unique supply system. Under our system we put frames on the shelves, but the product will be ordered electronically from the warehouse. That way the best frames are never not on display.”

    The management of C @ possess expertise in Optometry, Product Design and Business Management.

    CEO, Andrew Gay, has the combined experience of having run his own successful Optometry Practices as well as running the largest independent optical buying group in Western Australia. In addition, he has created his own range of frames "Andrew Gay: Australia" and was responsible for overseeing the entire creation process from design and manufacture through to distribution, wholesale and retail.

    Andrew’s experience in ophthalmic lenses has been gained through consultancy with a wholesale optical laboratory. His twenty years in the optometry industry is backed by degrees in Optometry (City University, London) and Psychology (University of Western Australia). His educational background in business includes a Masters degree (University of Western Australia) specialising in business psychology. He is also is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Executive Director, Kevin Holland, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is co-founder of C @ with Mr Gay. Mr Holland brings his business skills from the mining industry where he has spent 23 years in various positions including project management and directorships. In recent years, he has focused on developing junior companies, which included the export of mineral specimens and developing the lead project for a company now listed on the ASX. Mr Holland has also held senior positions in Australian and international mining companies.

    Non- Executive Director Andrew Harrison has significant experience in both senior management and board positions in publicly listed companies. He has held senior positions in a number of major organizations including Brambles Industries Limited, and has played leading roles in strategy, management, and business development across a number of sectors.

    Following listing, C @ will be the only publicly listed Optometry Company in Australia. Previously OPSM had been listed, but this was surrendered when the business was brought out by Luxotica.

    “It gives investors the only chance to share in the profits of a $1.3 billion, steadily growing industry.”

    “It’s a not like a mining company where things fluctuate. People are always going to need glasses, and then they break them, scratch them or lose them so are likely to buy more.”

    With many lenses or frames either imported from overseas or produced by small independent manufacturers, the addition of optometry product development in addition to the affiliation opportunity is an extra benefit to affiliates in competing with groups able to import from large overseas manufacturers.

    C @ has already designed and market tested 11 of its own frame brands from premium through to budget styles and will initially market 8 of these through its affiliates. The Company will also form a “best price” buying group for those products and services it is not able to provide.

    The extensive research into the C @ concept, the development of an Australian owned and operated product and potential for future growth are things CEO Andrew Gay believes will prove most appealing to investors.

    “A C @ affiliate will be a local Australian–Owned business based in the local community providing for individual eye care needs for the client, but at the same time backed by the national buying power of C @,” he said.

    from australianinvestor.com.au

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    Default Re: CEO - aka CAT Ltd

    critical milestone achieved - i never thought buying 48K glasses frames was a 'critical milestone', but hey its something. NOW ABOUT THOSE LENSES......

    GO CEO

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    reporting day today - watch out for any trading activity prior to - it will be the lead - expecting very good news.

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    Annual report out today - good read for the uninitiated

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    Default Re: CEO - C@ Limited

    my taxi driving, loo cleaning mate reckons news is about to be delivered - hey what does he know, but he did put me onto nms as well.....in june 04.

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    Default Re: CEO - C@ Limited

    hey there son of....
    if your taxi driving mate is so clever, how come he's still driving the taxi, or does he own his own fleet of them...LOL

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    from nsw govt hansard

    Optometrists work as independent entities in examining eyes and prescribing corrective measures. However, optical equipment manufacturers, such as OPSM, make and dispense optical devices. Of course, a greater amount can be made by making spectacles, retailing frames and so on than by doing the hard yards of working out what prescription is required. Legislation provides that no-one may own an optometrical prescription. A patient who has obtained a prescription can take it anywhere in the world to be filled. However, optometrists have their rooms in facilities also occupied by optical manufacturers and dispensers. Many patients do not realise that they can take a prescription anywhere to be filled. From a legal point of view, the optometrist is a distinct entity from the optical equipment manufacturer and dispenser. Companies ensured that patients leaving optometrists' rooms were approached and told, "Wonderful, come this way and I will show you our fabulous range of frames." Most people do not realise that there is a separation between the two entities.

    OPSM was on the board of the Australian Optometrical Association, and I understand that at one stage it even had a majority. The association comprised a group of suppliers who clubbed together to buy frames at lower prices, because a large number are imported and expensive. The members of the board knew which practices were buying what because they were buying as a group and OPSM was able to identify the lucrative practices and expand by targeting practitioners who were making the most money. It was an ideal situation because they knew what their opposition was doing. OPSM had more than 50 per cent of the optometry turnover—not 50 per cent of the practices—in Australia. It has now sold out to an Italian company, Luxo Optical. The Australian Optometrical Association has split and optometrists have formed an independent group in an attempt to fight the tide of corporate control.

    Luxo Optical and other optometrical dispensing companies are buying the wholesalers, which means they are becoming vertically integrated. They have control of some optometrists and wholesaling and retailing and they may begin to make their own frames. In fact, the independent optometrists, who are only one professional group in the chain, are having great difficulty competing in the marketplace. Some time ago this issue was referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which did not want to take it on. The dogma of competition is the Trojan horse for one company to say that it did not have huge market power as it got control of just above or below 50 per cent—depending on the definition—of the Australian market. What sort of competition is that? Not much. Obviously in this case, if the most lucrative work in terms of total turnover is done by one corporation, it will be a sad day for optometrists. The wider issue of protecting professions and allowing them to be professional by introducing real competition and maintaining standards must be examined.

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    from http://www.opticianonline.net/Articl...ers+in+UK.html

    Optical wizards of Oz seek partners in UK

    Representatives of an Australian company dedicated to help independent opticians compete against the multiples will arrive in the UK looking for new partnerships next month.

    The company, called C@, was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange at the end of 2005, and currently aims to help small outlets challenge the marketing dominance of the big players in Australia's $1.3bn optical market.

    It has been established by Caerphilly-born Andrew Gay, who studied optometry at City University, London, and travelled to Australia to work when he was 25 and has stayed ever since.

    He will return to Britain in April hoping to find optical retailers interested in forming a similar group in the UK.

    'We will undertake a pilot scheme in the UK from mid year because our marketing package and linked lens and frame ordering system is as applicable in the UK as it is in Australia,' said Gay.

    'Importantly, we will focus on how well our exclusive ranges are suited to the UK market and how quickly a UK placed order can be turned around through our laboratory in Perth, Western Australia, and shipped back to the British customer.

    'If British independents show the same enthusiasm as their Australian counterparts we would mirror our Australian operations by setting up a dedicated production facility in the UK.'

    The C@ banner will be placed before the traditional practice name when an optician joins, with the goal of creating a national brand while maintaining a local identity. In practical terms the company will manufacture its own products across all price points, and in return for their purchase pay for advertising the C@ group to the public. For products sourced elsewhere C@ has stated that it will form a buying group for members to get the best deal available.

    The Australian optical sector was rocked three years ago when Milan-based Luxottica bought the 461-outlet OPSM chain. C@ estimates that independents comprise three-quarters of Australia's total of around 2,400 practices, but command only 50 per cent market share.

    C@ has created its own 'competively priced' range of frames, lenses and contact lenses. The company is initially offering its pilot stores access to more than 330 frames, including 11 of its own brands.

    The business floated in December after a prospectus which stated C@ hoped to raise $2.5m was published.

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    CEO ARE GOING TO THIS IN MAY.................


    Start Date 05-MAY-06 End Date 08-MAY-06

    Lombardia Italy

    Event Profile:
    MIDO is the leading international fair in the eyewear sector, an exceptional event where a preview of new products being planned & produced is presented to operators. It is an event with a wealth of initiatives, personalities, information, services but first & foremost, it is a meeting place for business, for making contacts & for dicovering the latest market trends.

    These figures refer to the 4 days of Mido 2005 edition: 132.000 sq. m gross floorspace, 1.222 Exhibitors, 39.278 Visitors, 125 Countries, 2.000 Brands, 2.000.000 Products, 433 Journalists.

    Visitor's Profile:
    CEOs & Top executives from Pharma Manufacturing Industry, Executives from Production, Quality Control, R&D & Purchase Departments, Professionals from R&D Institutions, Pharmacists from Trade & Profession, Biotechnology Specialists, Top officials from Regulatory Agencies of Central & State Governments, Pharma consultants, Academicians from Medical & Pharmacy Colleges.

    Exhibitor's Profile:
    Profile for exhibit include Ophthalmic microsurgical appliance & equipment, Ophthalmic scanning laser examining system, Ophthalmic laser treatment set, ICG & OCT products, IOL, artificial eyeballs & related testing facilities, Diagnosis & treatment equipment for ophthalmology & optometry, Spectacles & contact lenses, Drugs & eye care products, Optical testing instruments, To display image of eye hospital, financing & investment etc., Relevant software, program, books etc.

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    Default Re: CEO - C@ Limited

    Quote Originally Posted by son of baglimit

    Eeney meeny miny mo - will I buy some CEO,
    Eeny meeny miny mo- hope next month they will go,


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