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    Zamanco Minerals Limited (ZAM) was formerly known as Atticus Resources Limited (ACZ).

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    MC - $8m
    SP - 24c
    Shares - 35m
    Options - 29m
    Cash - $1.83

    Geoff Donohue Chairman
    Jacques Badenhorst Managing Director
    Thomas Hill Executive Director
    Peter McIntyre Non‐Executive Director
    Peter Ironside Non‐Exec Director/Company Secretary

    Substantial Shareholders
    Geoff Donohue (indirect) 16.79%
    Peter Ironside(indirect) 15.11%
    Peter McIntyre (indirect) 8.89%
    Jacques Badenhorst (indirect) 3.56%
    Thomas Hill (indirect) 3.56%

    Proposed Serenje Manganese Project
    • Internal Scoping Study completed by Zamanco management for the development of a ferromanganese and manganese metal project in Zambia.
    • Study indicated that a 60kt per annum high carbon ferromanganese plant and 12kt per annum manganese metal plant could be developed based on available power.
    • Development of these production levels would require ~180kt per annum of manganese ore grading ~50% Mn.
    • Developments as a result of Scoping Study:
    -MoU signed with Zesco for provision of power;
    -Land secured at Pensulo, near Serenje, sufficient for proposed processing plant location;
    -Agreements entered into on four tenement areas near Mansa and Mkushi;
    -Three of these tenements are subject to grant following lifting of Gov’t moratorium and transfer of
    tenements to Zamanco subsidiary companies
    -Exploration program initiated in April 2012 with planned trenching, geophysics and drilling to
    be completed in 2012.
    -Options Analysis initiated with Pyrocon to evaluate processing options in relation to various
    manganese alloy products. Expected June 2012.

    Exploration & Acquisition Strategy
    • Agreements signed over four tenement areas near Mkushi and Mansa
    • Zamanco to have 80% equity in Large Scale Prospecting and Mining Licenses
    • Partners to be paid via royalty from ore production
    • Small or no upfront payments to vendors
    • Tenement portfolio totals ~3,000km2
    • Three new Agreements over tenements, subject to Due Diligence & Ministerial consent, located in Chinsali, Kabwe and Mansa
    • JORC resource targeted to be confirmed in 2012

    New Tenements – Exploration Strategy
    EML Kabwe
    • Extensive sub soil manganese mineralisation over tenement area
    • Potential low cost mining and beneficiation
    • Ability to measure resource in relatively short time frame
    • Exploration program will consist of pitting and drilling over a 2km x 2km area
    • Laterite holes to be drilled to ~10m with some deeper holes targeting primary vein mineralisation;
    • Approximate cost $300k
    • Program to commence once Ministerial consent received
    • Manganese mineralisation outcrops over 4.5km
    • Potential low cost mining and beneficiation
    • Ability to measure resource in relatively short time frame
    • 1500-2000m RC drilling program
    • Approximate cost $300k
    • Program to commence once Ministerial consent received

    Future Opportunities
    Gabon - Mn, FeMn
    DRC - Mn, FeMn
    South Africa - Mn, FeMn
    Zimbabwe - Cr, FeCr
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