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    Default Qld compulsory fluoridation revolt under way!

    The merits, or rather lack of, the health benefits of fluoridation aside... the reality of the significance of the initial infrastructure cost and longer term extra maintenance issues of putting corrosive fluoride into water supplies that were never envisaged to accommodate it is well and truly starting to bite for a fight with the Qld gov.

    Bundaberg Regional Council, (now an amalgamation of the former Bundaberg City, Burnett Shire, Kolan Shire and Isis Shire) is digging in refusing to spend any money to install fluoridation until the Qld Government agrees on the cost and signs the contract to fund the scheme. They have a bad taste left in their mouth after previous funding arrangements by the Qld gov have been abysmally short and or reneged on.

    I'll have to check, but I think there's about 10 independent water supply schemes in the new Bundaberg Regional Council involving the city of Bundaberg, towns of Gin Gin, Childers, Woodgate, Bargarra, Burnett Heads, Elliott Heads and a few other little towns that I'm not sure all have reticulated water.

    The big expense is with a separate fluoride injection system for every reticulation system.

    With the exception of Bundaberg City all the others are far too small to wear any substantial cost, let alone all of the cost if the Bligh Gov renegs on funding assurances again.

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    Default Re: Qld compulsory fluoridation revolt under way!

    I wish you luck and hope you can be the first to stop the enforced delivery of poison.
    Almost 30 years ago, Bunbury City Council was the last one to be forced to submit the population to mass-poisoning. Just at the time when I was counting my blessings because since moving to Bunbury, I hadn't suffered any kidney trouble.
    Well - the government won out, we had to accept fluorides, and I started giving birth to kidney stones again. About one a month. Not so funny.

    One good came out of it though: The penny dropped, and I tried avoiding tap water. It worked! Based on that evidence, we installed a water filter (reverse osmosis, to take out all that poison) and I have been un-stoned for the last 27 years!

    I have offered the story to a number of medical practitioners, but nobody wants to know. There's far too much fluoride that Industry needs to get rid of; and what better way than selling it as a "health product", 99% of which is then dispersed on lawns and sewers across the Nation. Sure beats neutralising and safely disposing of the stuff as hazardous waste.
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