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    Lightbulb From a noisy computer to silent

    I was getting sick of my work computer attempting to break the sound barrier every time the sun came out , so today I took action. Seeing as a lot of us spend time around the computer thought I would outline what I did to make it super quiet. It’s quick, simple and cheap.

    This is based on your standard basic pc (1 x hard drive, 1 x DVD burner & a floppy drive) which consists of a basic tower case, which contains only two fans (the noisy CPU one and a quieter one in the psu). Processor is an Intel 2.8

    I purchased an AC Super Silent 4 Ultra fan to replace my Intel “screamer”. Fancy name with a fancy price of $30. You simply pull (unclip) the old Intel fan and heat sink, replace the thermal paste on the back of the processor (its included with the fan) and clip on the new (larger) Super Silent fan. Its uses the exact same mounting bracket and will take no longer than a few mins to complete.

    I then purchased a SlienX fan ($23) for the back of my case. I simply screwed it into the pre-cut holes on the back of the case (facing out so it is an exhaust) and connected it to the psu.

    So in summary it took about 20 mins from start to finish and now my computer is silent. It runs about 5 degrees cooler then before. If there is no other noises present I can j-u-s-t hear the psu fan, had I replaced this as well then there would be no noise at all.

    If you suffer from the same problem I hope this helps.

    Now I can’t blame a noisy computer distracting me for any bad trades!
    "Did you see the bubble?"

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    You wouldnt believe it but at our sales meeting at 6.45 this morning I commented on the annoying fan noise of the networks main computer.

    Ive emailed a tech your solution and ordered remedial works.


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    Hey Dan, yeah good idea. Even just giving them a quick blow out with compressed air and reseating the fans can make a difference to the noise/hum. Fitting better quality fans is worth the cash, usually better bearings/sleeves. A lot of cases these days I notice of excessive amounts of fans and neon lights. Really doesnt help the noise factor a lot. Poor case and psu design doesnt help a lot neither.


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    fans are obsolete

    heat pumps are the go now.......quiet cos it doesnt blow air around

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