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    Smile Did your trades get 'ignored' today?

    Hi all

    I trade bought positions with Sanford Securities. When I decide to take up a position I am very decisive however, for some reason my trade was 'ignored' 5 times. I found this out by looking at the details about my order. Also my prices were well between the spread and are more often than not taken up at these prices but for some reason they did not show up as offers. Either it was a very big day for order systems on the market or my trading platform is not up to scratch.

    Has this happened to anyone else today or over the last few months with Sanford or your own platform? Can you please let me know?


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    Default Re: Did your trades get 'ignored' today?

    bugger sounds frustrating.. I've noticed a few people whinging about sanfords in the last few weeks on other forums...

    I was considering them since they have build in metastock.. was hoping to do intraday scans?? is this possible??

    sorry to hijack your thread

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    Smile Re: Did your trades get 'ignored' today?

    Thats ok Tarnor

    Sorry don't know anything about intraday scans or metastock. I'm actually a very basic option trader.

    And yes it is definitely frustrating. You've lined up your target, you jump out of the shadows and shoot when everyones off guard. Then you find out you're shooting blanks.

    Is there anyone out there who had no problems with executing their option trades today and is happy with their trading platform?

    Please let me know as I am seriously thinking of giving sanford the boot.


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    Default Re: Did your trades get 'ignored' today?

    HappyTrader, I had no problems trading options today with OptionsXpress. Occasionally they take a few seconds to get my order on to the bid or offer, but usually very quick and no delays at all today.

    If you are only trading long options, Morrisions Securities could also be worth checking out. Flat brokerage rates (great for larger orders) and straight through processing on the Iress platform. Iress is so easy for executing trades and you can see your order highlighted in the queue when using market depth detail.

    The biggest draw back with Morrisons for me is having to phone STO orders through and then being charged higher phone rates for the inconvenience where I find OX works better for spread trades.

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    Default Re: Did your trades get 'ignored' today?

    HT, your PM inbox is full.

    But I'll just echo what Margaret has said... most seem happy with www.optionsxpress.com.au

    I use www.interactivebrokers.com but they don't do aussie options.

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    Smile Re: Did your trades get 'ignored' today?

    Thank you Margaret and Wayne

    Optionxpress looks good to me I'm onto it.


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