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    Default Costa Concordia disaster

    Here's some raw that may be of interest regarding the Costa Concordia disaster.

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    Costa Concordia captain a hero, says ballet dancer

    Lucy Carne From: Herald Sun http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/wor...-1226249788351

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    Analysis: Italy disaster shows Titanic lifeboat issues linger

    Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/...80J1UR20120120

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    Last year 12 of us from Perth took a boat up the inside passage to Alaska, 3,200 people all up, now our bus was held up at the border and arrived just b4 the boat set sale, as we got on the boat they was finishing the life boat drill, people every place with life jackets on, our whole bus load was taken to our cabins, I said to the rest of our group we will get a life boat drill as soon as we get under way.
    We got NO drill, as we got on the boat the gang plank to the boat is about 250Mts long, that was still full of people boarding, had that boat gone down, they would had at least 100 people that never had a clue what to do.
    I think they think it willl never happen to us.
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    Default Re: Costa Concordia disaster

    Hoons always get their comeuppance. Hooning on a 114,500 ton ship is ridiculous... just to give the locals a thrill.

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