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    Default BodhiFreeway2 EOD and FTP blocking?

    Hello All,
    just wondering if there is anyone out there using BF2 EOD, and it still works? Mine suddenly stopped some time ago and it appears to be an FTP block on the catchup application (although i can through DOS FTP to their server). My PC is WinXP with McAffee, WinFirewall is configured to allow it. JustData support have indicated i need to upgrade to their newest platform, BodhiGold. They say BF2 should still work (the server is still live), but is no longer supported. The blocking seems to be at the server end, but to prove it I'm keen to know if any other BF2 users are still working ok?
    Thanks, Mike

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    Default Re: BodhiFreeway2 EOD and FTP blocking?

    Giday mikeyo.
    I did use BF2 until about 18 months ago, still have the lifetime subscription from years ago.
    I got frustrated with the fact that it was very slow (weeks) at updating consolidations, name changes etc so I went with Premium Data as I had resorted to manual intervention with BF2 to maintain accuracy.

    Any time that I had an issue with BF2 updating I seem to remember that changing the server somewhere in the software seemed to fix any update issues.

    When I had a query they were always most helpful, their support is excellent but they always suggested that I should upgrade (my cost) to their latest version.

    My original understanding years ago was that it would always be upgraded to the latest standard.
    Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes

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    Default Re: BodhiFreeway2 EOD and FTP blocking?

    Like BOGGO
    Got he lifetime deal.
    I have 7 bourses so still use it.
    I did however for $120 odd upgrade.
    Don't have an issue.

    I also have premium data for it's
    Cleanness for systems testing.

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    Default Re: BodhiFreeway2 EOD and FTP blocking?

    Thanks Boggo and Tech/A,
    Yes i have the lifetime subscription too! I was little suspicious after this failure that perhaps it was a kind of forced upgrade. Yes alternating between the primary and backup servers does fix come connection problems. This time though i have an FTP timout (Catchup is being blocked. it doesn't on BF5 as they use HTP now rather than FTP). I agree Tech/a their support has been superb over the years (still is). I'm glad to know it's me then since yours still works! I'm winXP-Pro, with all current updates. in the windows firewall there is an exception tick to allow the catchup FTP session. Perhaps i should uninstall McAfee. it is likely an update sometime in the last few weeks caused the blocking. it would be great if i could fix that rather than pay a new annual fee for something i kind of already have. I will check out Premium Data though, thanks for the rec! May i ask Tech/A, what your OS is and do you run antivirus like Norton or McAfee?
    Thanks, Mike

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