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    Azure Healthcare Limited (AZV) was formerly known as TSV Holdings Limited (TSH).

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    Todays action saw it close at 30.5c (up 17%) on turnover of 10.3 million. So it can be claimed that it is a 10 bagger in just 14 months.

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    Back down around 30c per share at the moment after it announced a surprise profit downgrade last week. They announced on 10 November that it forecast NPAT for the first half of 2014/2015 to be between $0.8-$1.2 million after earning $2.17 million for the corresponding period in the previous year.

    Apart from a vague reference to increasing staffing and R&D expenditure for "future anticipated growth", AZV gave no reasons for the significant profit downgrade.

    The share price was correspondingly smashed.

    Simon Dumaresq, who styles himself as the head of equity research at the Eureka Report, has written repeatedly in glowing terms about this company and managed to spin the downgrade in a positive manner when he wrote about it last week (it's behind a paywall, but if you sign up for a trial subscription, you can read his articles on the company). To be fair to Simon, this is probably his first major miss and if you sold out at or near the top after he first brought the company to light, you would have banked a good profit.

    Here's a chart.

    AZV share chart - 19 November 2014.png

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    Richard Hemming gently criticises management for the way they handled the profit downgrade.


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