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    Alliance Aviation Services Limited (AQZ) is a leading mining services company providing fly-in, fly-out ("FIFO") transportation to the mining and energy sector through a fleet of 25 aircraft. Alliance also provides ad hoc charter and ACMI services to a range of corporate and Government customers.


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    Anyone following AQZ? Recent drop has share price below IPO price of $1.60 to $1.50ish. Growth in revenue and earnings still strong. P/E is about 6 and div yield is 6.8%. No adverse news has been reported apart from founding director resigning. Any ideas as to why price has dropped?

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    Is anyone buying AQZ? PE 6.4, Dividend Yield 7.4% with some growth forecast in 2013/14.

    Any ideas on why selling so cheap? Perhaps not much confidence in fly in / fly out mining market...

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    Default AQZ good or bad company.

    I like airlines company.Is alliance aviation service ltd is a good company.is it overvalued or undervalued any suggestion. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bir View Post
    I like airlines company.Is alliance aviation service ltd is a good company.is it overvalued or undervalued any suggestion. Thank you.
    Congrats for your maiden post and welcome to ASF.
    I would leave the answer be given by competent chartists if the share price is over or undervalued.
    My observation on Alliance:
    1. Heavily discounted from the IPO price.
    2. Even their FIFO is booking is good but if you see gone are the days when Alliance planes were highly booked by the FIFO guys are not the same. Yes, they got a new contract with St Barbara Leonora but the numbers are not there. What is the manning level of St Barbara Gold Mines at Leonora (I still fondly remember my first gold company back 1993 Sons of Gwalia now SBM)
    3. Looking into their financials - could not ignore the level of gearing and cashflow.
    4. Personally on my emotion or ethics I did not like the company's principles or lack of it. Whereas they operate only in Australia and generates revenue from Australian workers going on FIFO, for $1.7 M benefits they have retrenched so many Australians under current market to move their business to Europe. I am sure they would have been more patriotic and achieved same savings by cutting down the percentage of commissions of the board members and other areas of cost efficiency.
    To me emotion is also a driving factor in business making Bill Gates, Andrew Forrest and likes to donate so heavily for humanitarian causes. Trust Alliance will look at least towards common Australians.
    Miner :
    All sellers are inevitably, and by the meaning of the word, buyers so DYOR .

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