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    Default Kim Jong-Un - One Step Away From Armageddon?

    NK's Dear Leader Mk II is apparently too inexperienced to "take control" of the impoverished nation.

    “Kim Jong Un’s taking complete control of the helm will not take place for a while due to his youth and inexperienced leadership,” said Yang Moo Jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul. “The North will likely be under the control of a governing body for about a year.”

    My guess is the military will step into the intellectual breach. Stand by for more fireworks...

    The demise of the 70-year-old ruler -- who frustrated three U.S. administrations with his pursuit of nuclear weapons, threats toward American allies and economic mismanagement that resulted in mass starvation -- ushers in a period of uncertainty for the isolated communist regime and North Asia. It increases the danger of misjudgment on the Korean peninsula, where 1.7 million troops from North and South Korea and the U.S. square off. The U.S. has 75,000 troops stationed in South Korea and Japan and is bound by treaty to defend its allies

    “This is potentially a game-changing event,” Victor Cha, a former chief U.S. negotiator for North Korean nuclear talks under President George W. Bush, said in an interview. “If you asked experts what would be the most likely scenario for North Korea to collapse, the answer everyone would give you is ‘If Kim Jong Il died today.’ We’re in that scenario.”
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    Kim Jong Ilís Death May Trigger Nuclear Crisis


    Absolute crap. Nothing will come of this.

    This is just a beat up of the "news" to manipulate the market.

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    Default Re: Kim Yong Un - One Step Away From Armageddon?

    Quote Originally Posted by dutchie View Post
    This is just a beat up of the "news" to manipulate the market.
    Couldn't agree more - sick and tired of this crap.

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