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    Default So... who does this stuff for their day job?

    No I am not canvassing for employment so please reply if you'd like, not like my other thread with 0 replies for some reason.

    Are you a day trader, long term investor, assistant or support staff of some kind?

    Are Bachelors degrees required for certain positions or just preferred?

    I have heard that physics majors often get employment within the finance industry. Is there any truth to this?

    I assume ppl here study finance. How did/do you find it.

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    Default Re: So... who does this stuff for their day job?

    I work in client management for FX but could just as easily do the same job across any financial industry. Did a Bachelor of Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Marketing.

    And yes, lots of maths based degrees can get employment as quant traders or market makers

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    Default Re: So... who does this stuff for their day job?

    Oh ok, i was thinking of picking up a few finance/economics subjects just to learn the fundamentals but tbh I have a tough of enough time with my own curriculum haha

    tbh most aspects of the finance industry I don't very interesting but would love to learn alot more economics in general because I really know very little.

    I find stock/share trading very interesting noteabley the short term day trading sort of thing... theres so much psyhcology behind it; trend patterns and the like: it's fascinating + all the mathematical/statistiacal data or whatever behind the chart indicators... cool stuff

    Now all I need is some money haha

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