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    Default Test Fitness to Drive

    Get to the end of the maze, or get off the road - amazing test for old drivers
    DANGEROUS older drivers can be identified by how poorly they navigate through a maze with a pencil, says a psychologist who has devised a new driving test.
    Dr Carol Snellgrove, based at Flinders Medical Centre's Pain Management Unit in Adelaide, says cognitive testing can assess fitness to drive in the elderly.

    While a driving test would be the "gold standard" it was not required, she said.

    Paper and pencil test accurately predicts worst older drivers
    Dangerous drivers weeded out in 60 seconds
    A cost effective tool for GPs to test the over 70s
    She created a maze which she said should be able to be completed within 60 seconds and without errors.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/t...#ixzz1gfumIQCx

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    Default Re: Test Fitness to Drive

    Good idea, but give the test to everyone applying/renewing driving licence, not just the "old drivers"?

    Trouble is Snellgrove is a PhD qualified scientist.
    So the anti-science lobby will attack her; 'old-driver-gate' emails, she's part of a global bicycle-riding conspiracy, believes in evolution/the moon landing/academic freedom etc. etc.
    Poor woman, should have kept her mouth shut .
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