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    Appreciate it if anyone out there who owns Timbercorp Orchard Trust shares (bought as TODHA) can tell me what's happening - I've read that both properties have been sold but don't understand what the delay is in getting any money back.



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    I also am interested in what's going on! Any news?

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    Don't know about the Orchard Trust, but Timbercorp itself went belly up in 2009.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjnoon71 View Post
    I also am interested in what's going on! Any news?
    I contacted the receivers and I believe (not 100% sure, it's complicated!) that the actual growers are after the money from the sale of the land/irrigation rights.
    They go to court sometime later this year and the receivers are waiting on this hearing to go forward.
    Not sure (again) but I think that TODHA shareholders will only get back 35 cents in the dollar so not a good investment!!
    I think the only people who are going to make money out of this are the bl***dy lawyers

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